Level 2

Level 2



At Alert Level Two, playing of golf can be undertaken. However, there are firm measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all in the golf sector and the community.
It will take some time before golfing life in NZ returns to a degree of familiarity and it’s important we all play by the rules to prevent another wave of COVID-19 cases. 

Golf clubs, facilities and golfers must take appropriate steps to make sure they minimise the risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus.



General Guidance

The golf course, clubhouse, pro shop, changing rooms and any other facility at the golf club can open at Alert Level 2.

All staff, players, visitors must adhere to general government advice, particularly all recommended hygiene measures. Click here for further hygiene and sanitisation information.

For golf clubs, appropriate hygiene and sanitisation practices must be maintained throughout the facility including all common touch points and surfaces.

A system to record and retain the contact details of all staff, players and visitors must be in place to enable contact tracing should it be required. The NZ COVID Tracer QR code must be displayed as well as a secondary contact tracing measure for those not able to use the COVID

Tracer app. There are some great resources for clubs and facilities at this link.

Physical distancing of at least 2m between all staff, players and visitors should be maintained.

Distancing should be maintained on the golf course and throughout all club facilities.

All indoor facilities at a club need to restrict entry to a maximum of 100 customers at any one time.

It is possible to have multiple groups of 100 inside a facility however there must be measures to keep the groups separate such as separate entrances/exits, temporary or permanent walls between groups, and separate airflow for each group.

Multiple groups must not mingle or share common facilities at the same time.

Outdoor facilities that are defined outdoor spaces can have up to 100 customers seated at any one time per defined outdoor space. Operations across facilities must follow government guidelines as published at https://covid19.govt.nz/. These guidelines include having all customers seated, separated, and served by a single person where practical.

All staff should be provided with any appropriate personal protection equipment to ensure they can remain healthy and safe. Staff working inside clubhouse and pro shops must legally wear a facemask.

Customers in clubhouse/cafes/bars do not need to wear a facemask when eating and drinking but all customers in a pro shop or retail environment do need to wear a face mask. 

Golfers on the course and course maintenance staff do not need to wear face masks


General Golf Operations

Groups of golfers must maintain physical distancing between themselves and other groups on the course.

All pins should be removed from practice putting greens. Pins / flagsticks can be on the course however they should be left in the hole and should not be touched or removed by any player where possible. Bunker rakes can be on the course.

All drinking fountains, ball washers, and shared sunscreen stations should be closed, and any shared club equipment such as carts or trundlers must be cleaned and sterilised after each use.

Exchanging of physical scorecards should be avoided if possible and we encourage the use of the digital score entry app.

Club events and competitions can be held so long as there is strict adherence to hygiene, distancing, and gatherings regulations.

Shotgun or multiple tee starts can be used if they can be managed in a manner that does not see groups of golfers congregating.

Coaching can be undertaken on a contactless basis and with social distancing being observed.

Further Information





If you have any questions at all regarding the protocols in place during Level 2, please feel free to contact the team at Golf HQ/The Pro Shop: golfhq@omahagolf.co.nz


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