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Categories and Fees

Membership 'roll over' is 1st December each year, we do however welcome new members at any time of the year and make it even more attractive with special pro rata rates.

Membership Joining Fee:  Please note that the club charges a one-off joining fee of $500. This applies to all member categories (except for Juniors aged 23 years and under).


2023-2024 SUBS 

Effective from 1 December (includes appropriate levies and GST)

Full Playing                             $1,920.00

Secondary                              $1,563.00

Midweek                                 $1,536.00

Intermediate                           $1,228.00

9-Hole                                     $1,228.00



19-23 Years                           $680.00

16-18 Years                           $298.00

Junior 15 Years                      $187.00


To join Omaha Beach Golf Club please fill in the form HERE