Hole 1

PAR 4 | BLUE - 333M | RED - 293M | WHITE - 314M

One of the club's newest holes. A challenging par 4 with a fairway bunker and wetland area to carry with your approach to a large undulating green, with an out of bounds (OB) to the left and behind.


Hole 2

Par 4 | BLUE - 323M | RED – 258M | WHITE - 310M

Dog leg left. Good tee shot required to make it past the trees on the left, too far right will see you trapped by bunkers. The green is accessible with a bunker on the right.


Hole 3

PAR 3 | BLUE - 162M | RED – 124M | WHITE - 162M

A relatively benign par 3 which usually plays into the predominant south westerly wind. The large green has two well placed bunkers to the right side, well placed to catch wayward shots.


Hole 4

PAR 4 | BLUE - 355M | RED – 284M | WHITE - 315M

A good dog leg left par 4 from an elevated tee block presents one of the most testing tee shots on the course. Many players take a 4/5 iron off the tee for safety. The green is undulating and is surrounded by two good size bunkers.


Hole 5

Par 4 | BLUE - 352M | RED – 273M | WHITE - 352M

The pros rate this tee shot as one of the toughest they must play. You need to avoid the two fairway bunkers some 200m from the elevated tee to be well placed to attack the narrow entrance to the green. Bunker short left and trees to the right guard the green.


Hole 6

Par 4 | BLUE - 358M | RED – 279M | WHITE - 344M

Danger from this elevated tee block, heavy rough left side of the fairway, to an elevated two tiered large, undulating green. Two well-placed bunkers left and right test your club selection.


Hole 7

Par 5 | BLUE - 487M | RED – 432M | WHITE - 459M

A long par 5 that usually plays into the wind, out of bounds left side of the fairway, dense rough to the right. Well-placed fairway bunkers left and right await the wayward tee shot with three more protecting a large, raised green. Very difficult to get there in two.


Hole 8

PAR 3 | BLUE - 150M | RED – 92M | WHITE - 149M

The tee block is surrounded by heavy rough and the two-tiered green is elevated and protected by some deep bunkers. The higher handicap golfer is well advised to play to the right and rely on a good chip.


Hole 9

PAR 4 | BLUE - 349M | RED – 267M | WHITE - 349M

The walk from the 8th green is by way of a boardwalk through the forest to the 9th tee. Nature at her finest. There are wetlands down the left-hand side of the fairway. Long right tee shots will find the water hazard. The green is undulating and is free from bunkers, however it is not the easiest of par 4s.


Hole 10

PAR 4 | BLUE - 338M | RED – 249M | WHITE - 296M

A short but challenging par 4 with danger to the left, grass fairway bunkers to the right and a green protected by a bunker to the left. The green is undulating and with deep grass to the left and behind, trouble awaits any golfer who is long with their approach.


Hole 11

PAR 4 | BLUE - 309M | RED – 254M | WHITE - 309M

A short par 4 with danger again up the left side of the fairway, with fairway bunkers awaiting any stray shots left and right. The green is protected to the right by two good-sized bunkers. Long approaches will find trouble.


Hole 12

PAR 3 | BLUE - 154M | RED – 93M | WHITE - 146M

Omaha Beach Golf Club’s signature par 3 with picturesque lake and fauna. Reaching the correct level of this double tier green can be a challenge, especially with deep bunkers positioned along the left side of the green.


Hole 13

PAR 5 | BLUE - 461M | RED – 385M | WHITE - 440M

Fast becoming the club’s most talked about hole with three thought-provoking shots to reach the ‘Island Type’ green. A hazard runs the full length of the hole to catch any wayward shots left. Approaching the green can be tricky with prevailing winds offering an extra dimension.


Hole 14

PAR 4 | BLUE - 416M | RED – 314M | WHITE - 370M

The longest par 4 plays all of its length plus some. Often the prevailing wind will dictate a long second shot to a sweeping double tier green. A water hazard guards the length of the fairway on the left with water and bunkers short left of the green.


Hole 15

PAR 3 | BLUE - 179 | RED – T135 | WHITE – 157

Newly Redesigned with flyover video to be updated! At first glance a benign par 3 with a receptive green. Long or left will find the tidal hazard, keep the ball below the hole.


Hole 16

PAR 5 | BLUE - 461M | RED – 353M | WHITE - 398M

This par 5 requires some thought from tee to green, a long drive will present an opportunity to go for the green in two but beware as the green is narrow and anything long or short will be wet.


Hole 17

PAR 3 | BLUE - 186M | RED – 143M | WHITE - 174M

A long par 3 often playing back into the prevailing wind and requiring an extra club or three. Anything right flirts with the wetland hazard.


Hole 18

PAR 4 | BLUE - 321M | RED – 252 | WHITE – 282M

A short par 4 with the estuary hazard running down the entire left side of the fairway. Hit the target green in two for your chance to finish the day with birdie.

Please note: Not in play at present UNDER CONSTRUCTION - 1A in play during this time.