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Super 12

Super 12 is back for its thrilling second year! This monthly open competition features both Stableford and gross events for members and visitors, boasting guaranteed prize payouts of $3,000 each month, with individual prizes exceeding $200. Additionally, your top 6 rounds throughout the season will count towards an exciting end-of-season prize. Check out the leaderboard and track the progress in the 2024 Season-long race Here.

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Super 12 dates for 2024
June 21st 
July 19th 
August 30th - Moved from August 16th
September 20th
October 18th
November 15th 
December 20th 

2024 Season-long race leaderboard - Best 6 Stableford rounds throughout the year

Super 12 May Results
Nearest to the Pin Winners
Congratulations to our sharpshooters:
- Men’s 12th: Peter Marsh
- Men’s 17th: Richy Sharples
- Women’s 12th: Suzette Eastmond
- Women’s 17th: Margaret Morgan

Gross Score Champions
Men’s Gross
- 1st: Sean Douglas, 71 - $220
- 2nd: Frankie Walkington, 72 - $130

Women’s Gross
- 1st: Lynda Tate, 81 - $180
- 2nd: 

Stableford Results
Women’s Stableford
- 1st: Lesley Barley, 37 - $180
- 2nd: Diana Wilks, 36 - $140
- 3rd: Sue Palmer, 36cb - $110
- 4th: Margaret Morgan, 35 - $70
- 5th: Alison Pollock, 34 - $50

Division 1 Stableford
- 1st: Anthony Pervan, 39 - $200
- 2nd: Rory Douglas, 38 - $160
- 3rd: Ian Daniel, 37 - $120
- 4th: Gordon Wylde, 37cb - $100
- 5th: Tony Gorton, 37cb - $85
- 6th: Richard Middleton, 37cb - $60
- 7th: Thomas Hanrahan, 36 - $50
- 8th: Roger Pears, 35 - $30

Division 2 Stableford
- 1st: Blair Mills, 44 - $200
- 2nd: Seamus Lynch, 40 - $165
- 3rd: John Masson, 39 - $125
- 4th: Mark Douglas, 38 - $100
- 5th: Brett Stonham, 38cb - $85
- 6th: Graham Hough, 35 - $60
- 7th: Paul Elsden, 35cb - $50
- 8th: Paul Greenwood, 35cb - $30

Great playing everyone! 


2024 Season-long race leaderboard Best 6 Stableford rounds throughout the year. Last round in December with the major prize draws 

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We couldn't have done it without our sponsors—thank you for supporting the event and for your continued commitment.

Sept 22 Shore Electrical
Oct 22 ShooAway
Nov 22 Road Signs
Dec 22 The Range WW
Jan 23 Cardinal
Feb 23 Called off
Mar 23 Road Signs
Apr 23 Crowne Plaza
May 23 505 Construction
June 23 Called off
July 23 Martin Personnel
Aug 23 LiftTrucks
Sep 23 Quest
Oct 23 Metroscaff
Nov 23 The Range WW
Dec 23 Ray White Heather Walton
Jan 24 Columbus Coffee
Feb 24 Shore Electrical
Mar 24 505 Construction
Apr 24 Omaha Beach GC
May 24 Cardinal
June 24 Coca-Cola
July 24 Martin Personnel
Aug 24 Fruehauf
Sep 24 Pie Funds 
Oct 24 Express Aluminium
Nov 24 Lift Trucks
Dec 24 Crowne Plaza
Jan 25 Columbus Coffee
Feb 25  
Mar 25 Floorwise LTD
Apr 25 505 Construction
May 25  
June 25  
July 25  



Super 12 2023 Season Long Competition Prize Winner Phil Martin Enjoying his spoils 
What a great prize and thanks to the sponsors who support the Super 12 competition, and the participants and organisers who make it such a wonderful monthly event in the Omaha Golf Club calendar.

I was fortunate to have won last year’s Super 12 competition and have just come back from my four days in Queenstown with my wife Jude. We headed down on Tuesday 16th April, playing Millbrook’s Coronet course on Wednesday and The Hills on Thursday, with a bit of sightseeing on Friday and Saturday before heading home.
What a privilege – Wednesday dawned crisp and beautiful, with a deep blue sky, no wind, and around 17C. The Millbrook Coronet Course was in superb condition and the course, views, and scenery were just stunning. Even managed 33 stablefords, which I was very pleased with given it was the first time I’d ever played that course. I could give you a hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot analysis of the games, but instead will leave you with some stunning photos..
Dinner with Queenstown-based friends Wednesday and up bright and early Thursday morning to play The Hills. The Hills is known for its spectacular scenery and also the amazing art installations most of which are huge, standing out on the skyline or close to the fairways.
One thing to remember, there are lots and lots of bunkers. One of the holes had about the same number as the entire Omaha golf course.
Thanks Tim Pollock for providing the accommodation at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown – right in town and across the road from the wharf where the Earnslaw berths, with views from the room on the 5th floor.  Very handy to bars and restaurants.  Another great part of the prize.
Thanks again to the Omaha Golf Course Super 12 organisers, sponsors, and players – a prize trip worth competing for!
Phil Martin (a very happy Omaha GC member)