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Emma Fairnie is Director of Coaching based at Omaha Beach Golf Club. She turned professional in 2010 after many years of playing competitive golf.

Emma is a qualified PG Strong L1 Coach and L1 CrossFit Trainer, and uses her knowledge in these areas to help players develop their bodies to support their golf swings so that they can play golf for the rest of their lives. She is responsible for organising, developing, promoting, scheduling and conducting golf instructional programmess to meet our customers’ needs.

The club runs a couple of days each year where individuals or groups can join in a fun session that includes all the basic instruction and then some on course time with an experienced player.  "She Loves Golf" is a dedicated program for introductory ladies and as well as the day, there are 3-5 follow up sessions.  "Love Golf" is for both genders and follows a similar format.  Contact the club to register.  


To book a golf coaching lessson with Emma, you can contact her either via her website or mobile phone:

Web address:


Phone: 020 4334653