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Club Constitution



  1. Name
    1. The name of the Club is Omaha Beach Golf Club Incorporated (“the Club”).
  2. Objects
    1. The purposes and objects of the Club are to:
        1. Manage, maintain, develop and improve the 18 hole golf course at Omaha Beach for the benefit of the Club’s members, and to achieve the wider purpose of providing a championship-standard golf course for the playing enjoyment of Club members and visitors to the Club, and for use in tournaments and championship events;
        2. To encourage and facilitate the activity of golf including on the Omaha Beach Golf Course and where appropriate make provision for practice and teaching facilities and opportunities to be made available to Club members and to the public;
        3. To otherwise provide or enable the provision of other facilities associated with the use of the golf course including recreational, cultural and social facilities whether on the golf course or in a Club house or other building for the benefit of members, visitors and tournament participants;
        4. Represent and promote the interests of members of the Club;
        5. Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.
    2. Without detracting from the primary objects, the secondary objects of the Club are to:
        1. Establish codes of behaviour applicable to members;
        2. Make regulations or bylaws to advance the attainment of any of the above objects.
    3. Notwithstanding Rules 3.1 and 3.2:
        1. No member of the Club will derive any personal pecuniary gain from membership of the Club; and
        2. These Rules shall be read and interpreted subject to the provisions of Rule 2.1 which shall over-ride all other provisions in these Rules.
  3. Powers
    1. Subject to Rules 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, in addition to its statutory powers, the Club:
        1. May make regulations or bylaws to advance the attainment of any of the above purposes and objects;
        2. Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above purposes and objects;
        3. May use such of its funds to pay the costs and expenses of furthering or carrying out its purposes and objects, and for that purpose may employ such people as may seem expedient;
        4. May purchase, lease, hire or otherwise acquire (including by hire purchase), may exchange, and may sell, lease or otherwise dispose of property, rights or privileges to further or carry out its purposes and objects as may seem expedient;
        5. May borrow or raise funds from the Club’s bankers on overdraft, term loan or other lending arrangement satisfactory to the bank, with or without security in order to meet the costs and expenses of the Club’s operations including expenditure of funds on course development, machinery or other improvements;
        6. May invest in any investment in which a trustee might invest; and
        7. Shall have power to borrow or raise money by debenture, bonds, mortgage or other means with or without security, but such borrowing powers shall not be exercised other than by resolution of a General Meeting.
    2. Notwithstanding any other provision, the Club shall not expend any money:
        1. Other than to further purposes recognised by law; or
        2. For the personal or individual private pecuniary profit of any individual or Member; and
    3. Any transactions between the Club and any Member, Officer or Member of the Committee, or any associated persons shall be at arms’ length and in accordance with prevailing commercial terms on which the Club would deal with third parties not associated with the Club, and any payments made in respect of such transactions shall be limited to:
        1. A fair and reasonable reward for services performed;
        2. Reimbursement of expenses properly incurred;
        3. Usual professional, business or trade charges; and
        4. Interest at no more than current commercial rates.
  4. Membership
    1. The Committee of the Club may from time to time change, add to or remove provision for different classes of members, provided that there shall always be provision for Full Playing Members and Life Members of the Club.
    2. Subject to Rule 4.1 the classes of membership and the method by which members are admitted to different classes of membership are:
        1. Full Playing Members:

Full Playing Members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges available to members of the Club and have access to and enjoyment of all facilities and services provided by the Club. 

Full Playing Members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting, and be elected as an Officer or Committee member of the Club. 

Full Playing Members include Secondary Full Playing Members, those persons being Full Playing Members of another New Zealand Affiliated Golf Club who pay the Secondary club membership fee, and Intermediate Full Paying Members, being members aged between 24 and 40 years of age on 1st December of any subscription year;

        1. Life Members:

A Life Member is a person honoured for meritorious services to the Club upon recommendation of the Committee and election as a Life Member by resolution of a General Meeting passed by a 2/3rd majority of those present and voting.  Life Members shall have all the rights and privileges of Full Playing Members. 

Life Members may be elected as Officers or Committee members of the Club. 

Life Members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting. 

Life Members shall not be liable for payment of any annual subscription or levies;

        1. Mid-Week Members:

Any person who wishes to play only from Monday to Friday (inclusive) but shall otherwise be eligible to participate in all competitions provided for mid-week golf. 

Mid-Week Members wishing to play non-competition golf in the weekends shall do so as NZGA Affiliated Members and shall pay a Members’ Guest green fee. 

Mid-Week Members are eligible to play without payment of green fees when a public holiday falls on a week day, and shall be eligible to participate in special or regular competitions organised for that day. 

Mid-Week Members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting;

        1. Nine Hole Members:

Any person wishing to play only 9 holes of the course on any day (Monday to Sunday inclusive) may become a Nine Hole Member and shall also be eligible to take part in Nine Hole competitions or Nine Hole interclub competitions.  If a Nine Hole Member wishes to play 18 holes either mid-week or during the weekend that member shall do so as an NZGA Affiliated Member and pay a Member’s Guest green fee.  Nine Hole Members are entitled to vote at any General Meeting;

        1. Youth Members:

Any person under the age of 24 years as at 1 December of any subscription year may apply to join as a Youth Member.  Subject to amendment by the Committee, the classes of Youth membership are:

          1. Senior Youth Members – being those aged between 19 and 23 years (inclusive) as at 1 December of any subscription year;
          2. Intermediate Youth Members – being those aged between 16 to 18 years (inclusive) on 1 December in any subscription year;
          3. Junior Youth Members – aged under 15 years on 1 December of any subscription year.

Youth Members shall be eligible to play on the golf course and have entry to and use of the Clubhouse and other Club facilities (depending on any legal age restrictions) at such times and on such terms as the Committee may from time to time determine.

A Youth Member shall be eligible to participate in all competitions including representing the Club in Pennants competitions, if selected.

Youth Members do not have the right to vote at any general meeting and may not be elected as Officers or Committee Members of the Club;

        1. Social Members (non playing):

Any person who has an interest in the Club’s activities other than playing golf, and wishes to use the Clubhouse and the Club’s other non-playing facilities may become a Social Member (non playing). Membership is subject to payment of a Social Membership fee.  A Social Member does not have the right to vote at any General Meeting and may not be elected as an Officer or Committee Member of the Club;

        1. Omaha Beach Community Social Members

All financial members of the Omaha Beach Community (Inc) may (without payment of a Social Membership fee) use the Clubhouse facilities including attending dinners or social functions organised by the Club and which are unrelated to a tournament or golfing event.  An OBC Social Member does not have the right to vote at any General Meeting, may not be elected as an Officer or Committee Member of the Club and does not have the membership rights of Club Members (other than access to and use of the facilities within the Clubhouse).

    1. If the Committee determines to add new membership categories, delete a category of membership or amend the terms and conditions of membership, the information as to those provisions will be published on the OBGC website and conveyed to Club Members in such other manner as the Committee determines.
    2. Members of every category shall advise the Secretary of the Club on election to membership of their full name, residential address, Omaha address (if different from normal residential address), phone numbers (including mobile phone) and email address. 

Members must advise the Secretary promptly of any change of address details, phone numbers or email address.

    1. The Secretary shall keep a Membership Register, recording the names and addresses and the date each member was accepted for membership under the different categories of membership provided for in these Rules.
    2. All Members shall promote the interests and the objects of the Club and shall do nothing to bring the Club into disrepute.
  1. Admission of Members
    1. Applicants for membership must complete an application form available from the Secretary or Manager of the Club and supply such information as may be required by the Committee from time to time in order to determine eligibility for membership of the Club. 
    2. Applications for membership of the Club shall be proposed and seconded by two Members (who may be Full Playing, Mid-Week, Nine Hole or Youth Members) to whom the applicant is personally known.  If an entrance fee is payable (as the Committee may determine is a condition of application from time to time in its discretion), then that fee must accompany the application for membership.
    3. Applications for membership shall be considered by the Committee who may in their discretion interview an applicant.  The Committee shall have a discretion whether or not to admit an applicant to membership. 
    4. On election the new Member will be notified in writing and will have the Rules of the Club drawn to his or her attention along with any relevant bylaws or regulations.  The notification of having been admitted to membership will be accompanied by a request for payment of the annual subscription (or part thereof if in the Committee’s discretion a reduced membership is appropriate having regard to the date upon which the application is approved), payment of which is due within one month of the date of the payment request.  If payment is not made within that period the admission to membership advised to the new Member will be void and have no effect (unless the new Member can provide an explanation for the delay and make payment of the amount due to the satisfaction of the Committee).
  2. Subscriptions and Levies
    1. The Annual Subscription for the different classes of membership shall be set each year by:
        1. The Committee, provided that the amount of the subscription payable by any class of membership shall not be increased (or reduced) by comparison to the currently payable subscription by more than ten (10) per cent;
        2. If the Committee determines that the subscription due for any class of membership should be increased (or decreased) by more than 10 per cent, by comparison to the current subscription rate, then it shall make a recommendation to that effect and the subscription amount will be determined by resolution of a General Meeting. 
    2. The Subscription Year shall commence on the first day of December and end on the last day of November of the following year.
    3. In addition to the setting of the subscription, a levy or levies may also be determined as payable.  This may be a  levy payable to another golfing organisation (such as New Zealand Golf Association), or subject to approval at a General Meeting, a levy or levies may be imposed for a particular purpose, subject to annual review at the Annual General Meeting.
    4. All Annual Subscriptions will be due and payable on 30 November in each year.  Subscription invoices for the ensuing year shall be sent to all Members of the Club by 1 November in each year setting out the subscription payment due and any levies  payable.
    5. Any Member failing to pay the annual subscription by 31 December in each year shall be considered unfinancial, and (without being released from the obligation of payment) shall have no membership rights, shall not be entitled to participate in any competition, represent the club in pennants or other competitions, play golf on the golf course without paying a green fee, or use any of the Club’s facilities or services until the subscription or the unpaid part of the invoiced amount is paid in full. 
    6. In the discretion of the Committee, payment of subscriptions may be made by monthly automatic payments.  Payment by instalments will incur a ten per cent additional charge and unless prior written agreement to an alternative arrangement is advised by the Manager on behalf of the Committee, payment must be in 10 equal monthly instalments, with the first payment due on 1 December of the new Subscription Year.  Non-payment of any instalment will be treated as a failure to pay the whole amount, and the provisions of Rule 6.5 shall apply.  The default in payment of an instalment will render the balance of the annual subscription due.
    7. For the new Members whose applications are approved within the first two months of a new Subscription Year, the full yearly subscription will be due.  If new Members join at a later date in the Subscription Year the annual subscription due for the first year will be adjusted in accordance with a Schedule of Reduced Subscription Rates set by the Committee for that purpose from time to time.
    8. No refund shall be given of a subscription payment if a Member resigns or membership is terminated during a Subscription Year, unless the Committee in its discretion so determines because of particular and special circumstances.
    9. If arrears in unpaid subscriptions are not paid within six months of the date the subscription or levy became due or such later date as the Committee may determine the Member’s membership shall be deemed to have been terminated and the Member shall cease to hold himself or herself out as a Member of the Club, and shall return to the Club all material produced by the Club (including any Membership certificate, handbooks and manuals).
  3. Cessation of Membership
    1. Resignations
        1. Any Member may resign from that Member’s class of membership by written notice to the Secretary.  The resignation shall take effect from the end of the Club’s then current financial year.  The resigning Member will remain liable for any unpaid subscriptions to the end of that financial year and shall cease to hold himself or herself out as a Member of the Club.
    2. Terminations
        1. The Committee may terminate membership of the Club where a Member has failed to comply with these Rules, any of the other duties of a Member or has been guilty of misconduct of a serious nature; 
        2. In that event the Committee shall provide the Member in writing advice of the breach of the Rules, the regulations of the Club or the Rules of Golf applicable, and advise of a meeting of the Committee called for the purpose of considering the misconduct and whether membership of the Club shall be terminated; 
        3. The Member shall have the option of providing a written response rather than appearing at the meeting called for the purposes of considering termination of membership. In the event of the Member failing without reasonable excuse to appear before the Committee meeting (or alternatively provide a written response), the Committee may decide the issue in his or her absence;
        4. At the meeting to decide the action to be taken, the Member may be expelled by resolution of the Committee, passed by a 2/3rd majority of those present and voting.  The decision of the Committee shall be final, with no right of appeal.
  4. Readmission of former members
    1. Any former Member or Members whose membership has been terminated, may apply for re-admission in the manner prescribed for new applicants.
  5. Election of Officers and Committee Members
    1. The Officers shall be:
        1. Patron
        2. President
        3. Vice President
        4. Men’s Club Captain
        5. Ladies’ Club Captain
        6. Treasurer
        7. Secretary
    2. The Officers shall be elected annually together with four Committee Members.  The President, Vice President, Men’s Club Captain, Ladies Club Captain, Treasurer, Secretary and the four Committee Members shall comprise the Committee of the Club responsible for the administration, management and control of the affairs of the Club for the ensuing year.
    3. All candidates for election as an Officer or Committee Member must be Full Playing Members (including therefore Secondary Club Full Playing Members and Intermediate Full Playing Members), Life Members, Mid-Week Members or Nine Hole Members.
    4. All candidates for election must be nominated and seconded by a Member of the Club entitled to vote at a General Meeting.  Nominations must be in writing advising the name of the candidate with the nomination signed and seconded by a Member of the Club entitled to vote at a General Meeting.
    5. All nominations must be received by the Secretary no later than 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.  The consent of a Member nominated for election must be endorsed on the nomination form. 
    6. Nominations for election as an Officer of the Club or a Committee Member will be posted on the Club’s website and posted on a noticeboard in the Clubhouse.
    7. No employee of the Club is eligible for election as an Officer or Committee Member. 
    8. Any person may be proposed and seconded for more than one position, but if elected to one position shall not be eligible for election to a further position.  A retiring Officer or Committee Member shall be entitled to be nominated for re-election.
    9. If the number of nominations for Officers and Committee Members is equal to or less than the number required, the persons so nominated shall be declared to be elected to the respective positions at the Annual General Meeting. 
    10. If there are more nominations for any positions than are necessary to fill those positions, then for so many of the positions as is required, there shall be an election during the Annual General Meeting.  Votes shall be cast in such manner as the Chairperson of the Annual General Meeting shall determine.  Where the election is by ballot (which will occur in any event if taking of votes by voice or show of hands is indecisive), then the Secretary and another Member (who is not a nominee) designated by the Chairperson shall act as scrutineers for the counting of the votes.  Voting papers shall be destroyed after voting is completed.
    11. In the event of any vote being tied, the tie shall be resolved by ballot.  If that further vote does not break the tie, the Chairperson may cast a deliberative vote.
    12. If a vacancy in the position of any Officer or any Committee member occurs between Annual General Meetings that vacancy shall be filled by the Committee appointing a replacement.
    13. Any officer or other member of the Committee may be removed by a resolution of a General Meeting of which prior notice was given in the notice of meeting and which is passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting.
  6. Management of the Club by the Committee
    1. From the end of each Annual General Meeting until the end of the next, the Club shall be administered, managed and controlled by the Committee, which shall be accountable to the Members for the implementation of the policies of the Club as approved by any General Meeting.
    2. Subject to these Rules and the resolutions of any General Meeting, the Committee may exercise all the Club‘s powers, other than those required by statute or by these Rules to be exercised by the Club in General Meeting.
    3. The Committee shall meet at such times and places and in such manner (including by telephone, video conference, email exchange or other electronic means) as it may determine and otherwise where and as convened by the President or Secretary.  Unless there is a lack of quorum or for other unusual reasons, the Committee shall meet no less than ten times each year and may meet additionally as required on receipt of notice from the Secretary.
    4. All Committee meetings shall be chaired by the President or in the President’s absence by the Vice-President, or in the absence of both of them by some other Committee member elected for the purpose by the meeting, and any such chairperson shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.
    5. The Committee may co-opt any person to the Committee for a specific purpose, or for a limited period, or generally until the next Annual General Meeting.
    6. The quorum for Committee meetings is no less than five.
    7. Only Committee members elected under Rule 9 or appointed under Rule 10.5 who are present in person or by telephone or video link or other electronic means as referred to in 10.3 shall be counted in the quorum and entitled to vote.
    8. The Committee may appoint sub-committees consisting of such persons (whether or not members of the Club) and for such purposes as it thinks fit.  Unless otherwise resolved by the Committee:


        1. The quorum of every sub-committee is half the members of the sub-committee;
        2. No sub-committee shall have power to co-opt additional members;
        3. No sub-committee may commit the Club to any financial expenditure without express authority; and
        4. No sub-committee may delegate any of its powers.
    1. The Committee and any sub-committee may act by resolution approved by not less than 50% of the members of the Committee or sub-committee.  The President may exercise a deliberative as well as a casting vote.
    2. The Committee from time to time may make and amend regulations, bylaws and policies for the conduct and control of Club activities, but no such regulations, bylaws and policies shall be inconsistent with these Rules. These Rules, and such regulations, bylaws and policies shall be available at all reasonable times for inspection by members, and copies shall be provided (at cost) to any Member on request.
    3. The President (or, in the absence of the President, the Vice-President) shall, in addition to all other duties described in these rules, generally supervise and direct the affairs and business of the Club.
    4. Other than as prescribed by statute or these Rules, the Committee may regulate its proceedings as it thinks fit.
    5. Members of the Committee and of any sub-committee shall be entitled to be reimbursed by the Club for any reasonable and actual expenses incurred by them on behalf of the Club, as approved by resolution of the Committee.
    6. Subject to statute, these Rules and the resolutions of General Meetings, the decisions of the Committee on the interpretation of these Rules and all matters dealt with by it in accordance with these Rules including on matters not provided for in these Rules shall be final and binding on all Members.
    7. Within one calendar month of submitting a resignation or ceasing to hold office the Officer concerned shall deliver any books, papers or other property of the Club which may be in the possession of that person to the Secretary.
    8. The Committee may employ any person or company to administer or manage the affairs of the Club.
    9. Indemnity for Committee:
        1. No Officer or member of the Committee shall be liable for the acts or defaults of any other Officer or member of the Committee or any loss occasioned thereby, unless occasioned by their wilful default or by their wilful acquiescence;
        2. The Officers, Committee and each of its members shall be indemnified by the Club for all liabilities and costs incurred by them in the proper performance of the functions and duties, other than as a result of their wilful default.
  1. Secretary
    1. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all General Meetings and Committee meetings, and all such minutes when confirmed by the next such meeting and signed by the chairperson of that meeting shall be prima facie evidence that the meeting was duly called and shall prima facie be a true and correct record of what occurred at that meeting.
    2. The Secretary shall hold the Club’s records, documents, and books.
    3. The Secretary shall deal with and answer such correspondence and perform such other duties as may be directed by the President or the Committee.
  2. Finance
    1. The Treasurer shall keep such books of account as may be necessary to provide a true record of the Club’s financial position, report on the Club’s financial position to the Committee, and present an audited annual Statement of Accounts to the Annual General Meeting together with a budget for estimated income and expenditure for the next financial year.
    2. The Committee shall maintain bank accounts in the name of the Club, and all cheques and withdrawal forms or electronic transactions shall be signed by the President or the Vice President, the Secretary or the Treasurer and countersigned by any other signatory authorised to do so by resolution of the Committee.
    3. All money received on account of the Club shall be banked within seven days of receipt.
    4. The Club’s financial year shall commence on 1 October in each year and end on 30 September in the following year.
    5. At the Annual General Meeting each year the Club shall appoint an Auditor to audit the annual accounts of the Club and provide a certificate of correctness of the same.  If any such auditor is unable to act the Committee shall appoint a replacement auditor. 
  3. Execution of documents
    1. The Common Seal of the Club shall be retained by the Secretary or the Manager.
    2. Documents shall be executed for the Club pursuant to a resolution of the Committee:
        1. By affixing the Common Seal witnessed by the President or Vice-President and counter-signed by some other member of the Committee; or
        2. Where the document is not required by statute to be executed under common seal, by the President or Vice-President.
  4. General Meetings
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within three months after the end of the Financial Year at a time and place fixed by the Committee.
    2. Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee or by written requisition to the Secretary signed by not less than five per cent of the current Life, Full Playing, Mid-Week or Nine Hole Membership of the Club.  The requisition must include a Notice of Motion the content of which shall confine the purpose of the meeting. In either case the Special General Meeting shall be advised to the Members of the Club by notice from the Secretary and shall be held at a time and place to be nominated and otherwise within twenty-one days after receipt of the written requisition, or the resolution of the Committee determining that a Special General Meeting shall be held.
    3. At least fourteen days notice of every General Meeting shall be given by the Secretary to every Member entitled to vote specifying the place, day and hour of the meeting and the business to be conducted.  In the case of Annual General Meetings this is to include copies of the Annual Report, Statement of Accounts and notice of any motions under 14.10 or 15.2 and 15.3.  The failure for any reason of any Member to receive such notice shall not invalidate the meeting or its proceedings.
    4. General Meetings may be attended by all Members of whatever class of membership, but only Life Members, and financial Full Playing Members, Mid-Week Members and Nine Hole Members are entitled to vote. 
    5. All Members entitled to vote may do so by written proxy in favour of another Member entitled to vote. The proxy voting form available from the Club Manager should be used. A vote by written proxy may be in accordance with one of the following methods:
        1. A proxy vote is sent by mail to the Secretary of the Club signed by the Member with his or her membership number and received by the Secretary no less than twenty-four hours before the time nominated for the meeting;
        2. By email sent to the Club Manager’s email address with the email identifying clearly the Member’s vote, his or her membership number and providing the email is received by the Club Manager no less than twenty-four hours before the meeting;
        3. A proxy to vote in favour of a named Member, with the proxy’s membership number stated can be produced at the meeting by a Member present and entitled to vote and who exercises that proxy vote in accordance with the proxy’s instructions, in addition to his or her vote.
    6. All Life, financial Full Playing, Mid-Week and Nine Hole Members shall be entitled to vote by written proxy in favour of another Life, financial Full Playing, Mid-Week and Nine Hole Member present at the meeting, but no other proxy voting shall be permitted.
    7. The quorum for General Meetings is twenty-five Members present and entitled to vote.
    8. All General Meetings shall be chaired by the President or in the President’s absence by the Vice-President or in the absence of both a Committee member elected for the purpose by the Meeting, and any such Chairperson shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.
    9. Votes shall be exercised as follows:
        1. At General Meetings voting shall be by voices, by show of hands or on demand of the Chairperson or of any Member entitled to vote, by secret ballot.  On any secret ballot each Member (eligible to vote) shall be entitled to one vote and may also vote on behalf of a Member eligible to vote if he or she holds their written proxy to do so and has provided that to the Secretary before voting takes place;
        2. Unless otherwise required by these rules, all questions shall be determined by a simple majority of those Members entitled to vote, present and voting at the General Meeting;
        3. A resolution passed by the required majority at any General Meeting binds all Members, irrespective of whether they were present at the General Meeting where the resolution was adopted or whether they voted.
    10. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
        1. Minutes of the previous General Meeting(s);
        2. Annual Report;
        3. Statement of Accounts;
        4. Budget of estimated income and expenditure for the next financial year;
        5. Auditor’s Report;
        6. Election of the Officers and the Committee;
        7. Any Notices of motion of which proper notice has been given;
        8. General business.
    11. Any currently Life, financial Full Playing, Mid-Week or Nine Hole Member wishing to present a notice of motion for consideration at the Annual General Meeting shall forward written notice of the same by letter or email to the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the meeting.  The Committee may consider any such notices of motion and provide recommendations concerning them at the meeting.
  5. Alteration of Rules
    1. These rules may be amended or replaced by resolution of any General Meeting passed by a two thirds majority of those eligible Members present and voting, provided that no amendment may be made which would:
        1. Alter the rules extending the purposes or objects of the Club to purposes or objects out of New Zealand;
        2. Affect the tax-exempt status of the Club;
        3. Alter the rules precluding Members from obtaining any personal or individual private pecuniary profit from their membership;
        4. Conflict with the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act; or
        5. Alter the rules as to winding up.
    2. Any proposed motion to amend or replace these Rules shall be signed by at least 10% of the currently Life, financial Full Playing, Mid-Week or Nine Hole Members and must be given in writing (which may be by email) to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days before the General Meeting at which the motion is to be considered, accompanied by a written explanation of the reasons for the proposed change.
    3. At least ten (10) days before the General Meeting at which any such proposal is to be considered the Secretary shall give written notice to all Life Members, Full Playing Members, Mid-Week Members and Nine Hole Members of the proposed motion, of the reasons for the proposal, and of any recommendations from the Committee. 
  6. Registered Office
    1. The Registered Office of the Club shall be at such place as the Committee from time to time determines.
  7. Auditor
    1. An Auditor who shall not be an Officer or a Committee Member but may be a Member of the Club shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and shall examine and then report on the Annual Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet.  The Auditor must be given access to the Club’s books and accounts and to any further information that may be required related to the Club’s accounts and financial affairs if the Auditor considers that information is required to complete the audit.  The Annual Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet and other information shall be provided sufficiently in advance of the Annual General Meeting to enable the Audit to be completed and a report to be provided for circulation to Club Members before the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Winding Up
    1. If the Club is wound up, the surplus assets after payment of all debts, costs and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other sports organisation or charitable organisations as the Club in General Meeting shall determine, with priority being given to distribution to organisations within the Omaha Beach Settlement.  If that is not possible for any reason, to such charitable purposes in New Zealand as may be determined in accordance with the Resolution to Wind Up, but no distribution shall be made to any Member.
  9. Notices or other communications
    1. Unless the Secretary is notified otherwise, for the purpose of communications of any sort, each Member will be sent communication to the address (including email address) given on the application for membership or any change of address details subsequently provided.
    2. Each Member will promptly notify the Secretary in writing (which may be by email) of any change in his or her physical address and address details.
    3. Any notice, communication or report may be sent to a Member either personally or by sending it through the post in a pre-paid letter addressed to the Member at his or her last notified address, or by email to his or her last notified email address, and shall be deemed received by him or her on the day following posting of any letter or immediately after the sending of any email.
    4. No meeting or other proceeding shall be invalidated by the accidental omission to give notice to any Members.