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Rangitoto Sunderland   Interclub Senior Interclub Women's Premier    Women's Weekend Mid Week      
Mike Leggoe

Ian Duff

John Kinley Rob Begg Lynda Tate Lynda Tate Annette Gowling
Andy Gibbs Clive Sharp Sean Kam Paul Elsden Grainne Hillery Aprile Everitt Debra Phillips
John Adam Garry Davie Bryan Thomson Ian Duff Lesley Barley Trudy Morrison Trudy Morrison
Ian Daniels Darren Ettrich Luka Plesko Peter Brickland Christine Pears Kathy Maxwell Fran Munro
Gordon Wylde Izak Holder James Gowling Graham Dorward Alison Pollock Karen Gray Nyree Dorward
Richy Sharple    Jason South Gordon McKendry               Kevin Pelsky                         Trudy Morrison Fran Munro Tania Bracey
Dan Notley Mike Rodden John Masson Sean Hassett Carolyn Cressey Joanne Hunt Ann Marie Elsden
Dylan Lewis Peter Brickland     Nyree Dorward   Dale Wilson
Murray Ward Norm Thompson     Fran Munro   Jo Hunt
Kobus Joubert Anthony Pervan     Jo Hunt    
Dave Lewis Sam Macfarlane          
  Seamus Lynch          
  Tom Hanrahan          
  Josh Foreman          
  Ian Jackson          
  Grant Morris          
  Ray Everitt          













Rangitoto Promotion Match

Unfortunately, the promotion match between Omaha and Huapai ended in a 3-5 loss for our team. Despite this outcome, it was a commendable effort from everyone involved. Moving from never having won in the Rangitoto division to nearly advancing into the region's top division marks significant progress this season. Great job to the team for coming so close, we will keep pushing forward and building on this momentum. Big thank you to the match hosts Muriwai Golf Club. 

Sunderland Pennants Scoreboard Update

Omaha Beach Golf Club has been battling it out in the Sunderland Pennants event. With two rounds still to play, it will not be Omaha's year, but great to have all the players representing the club in the biggest pennants format of our region. Finish strong guys.

Overall Team Standings:

  1. Waitakere: 48 points
  2. North Shore: 47 points
  3. Muriwai: 43 points
    Omaha Beach: 24 points

Interclub competition

Our team's consistent performance across the rounds propelled us to a leading position, accumulating a total of 271.5 points. This places us ahead of strong competitors like Wainui and Redwood. They are now waiting to hear about their final match and we should have an update from their team captain John Masson soon. 

Senior Pennants Team

Wrapped up our last match of the season with a fantastic win against Pupuke. This season, we secured 3 wins, had 1 draw, and faced 2 losses, accumulating a total of 216.5 points. It was a close competition, but Pupuke edged ahead with 223.5 points and will move on to the semi-finals. A huge thank you to everyone who played, supported, and cheered on our Senior Pennants Team throughout the season.

Women's Premier Pennant season

We take a moment to celebrate and thank the Omaha Beach Golf Club team for their hard work and determination. The team finished runners-up behind  North Shore Golf Club and we're proud of each player's effort and spirit. Thank you to all our team members, and supporters for this season.

Woman's Weekend Pennants

Our team amassed a total of 202.5 points over the season. While we faced tough competition, our players demonstrated resilience and commitment throughout each match. Well done to our division winners North Shore 1 with 238.5 points Let's continue to build on this experience and come back even stronger next season.

Woman's Mid-Week Pennants

With a total of 254.5 points, our team demonstrated consistency and perseverance throughout the season. 

  1. Pupuke: 298 points
  2. Wainui: 290.5 points
  3. North Shore 1: 278 points
  4. Muriwai: 262 points

We're proud of each player and supporter from Omaha Beach. Your dedication and enthusiasm are what makes our club a great place to play and compete. As we reflect on this season's challenges and triumphs, we are already looking forward to what next season holds.